A new Breton electoral roll in the Regionals

Just as UDB launch themselves officially in the regional elections a new electoral rool BZH 98 call all the Breton partys to face the elections together. They have the support (or call) of several movements including "Appel Breton".

The area is symbolic, Portsall, the port at the pont of Brittany, victim of the Amoco Cadiz disaster, which undertook a long hateful battle whith the support of elected bretons to win its lawsuit.

The date of the elections is almost day for day 20 years after the black tide. BZH 98 is made up of 4 Breton militants who have already gained the support of 52 personalities amongst them Alan Stivell, Per Denez, Marc Kerrain, Annaig Le Gars and even Guy Caro.

BZH 98 was started on the initiativ of Philippe Brouder 27 years old student from Carhaix. He is secretary fof "Gouel Broadel ar Brezhoneg", a member of "Evit Karta Europa" - Charter of minority languages and of Sell'Ta - the broadcast of programmes in Breton on cable television.

He is joined by Régis Simon from Landerneau, a 25 year old student of Breton History in Brest.

Also Didier Tocquet 29 years old secondary scholl teacher in Pont l'Abbé.

The fourth is Ronan Calvarin from Portsall, 33 year old business owner.

Fellow candidates have already established a political programme with some strong ideas : Financing local initiative with employment, quality agriculture, management of fishing negociated by the Breton fishermen, Brittany open to foreigners, preservation of the environment, reatachment of the Loire-Atlantique to the Région of Brittany, application of European measures in the area of minority languages, opening of the Port of Brest for future european capital of the maritime world, self sufficient Breton economy and independant.

"We will campaign in each Breton departement on regional level where we have knoted our alliances with other Breton Movements" underlined, determined, members of BZH 98.

A list of young people in view

At the regional elections the traditionnal partys will have to perhaps deal with a list from Finistère a little less typical.

"Young people shouldn't be used to vote ponctually, explain Philippe Brouder and Ronan Calvarin the 2 co-ordinaters of the list called "BZH 98" they have ideas. They should therefore be able to express them and defend them.

To indicate some main themes : to work and to live here in respect of the environment whith an education adapted to our history and our geography. For tomorrow it's a question of creating a Europe in the singular so that everyone recognises himself as european and a Europe in the plural so tha cultural diversity preserves its greatness of spirit. In Brittany we want to construct a new idea, in the respect of different cultures and the fight against extremes and exclusion".

The promoters of this list precise again that they stay "open to propositions which follow these ideas", but let it be a warning "if we're not heard we are ready to go it alone, unfortunately".