june 1997 : Birth of Buan. While Buan is not declared at the prefecture, priority lies in communication and preparation

October 1997 : Construction of the Internet site BUAN

November 1997 : To enable us to acquire recognition but in the worry of lack of experience we decide to participate in the '98 Regional Elections setting up a list in Finistère. Name of the list "BZH 98".

February 1998 : BZH 98 decides to join UDB (Union Démocratique Bretonne - Left Movement)

March 1998 : BZH 98 and UDB receive 2.77 % of the votes in Finistère, 9.979 voices

April 1998 : BUAN gets off the ground and is officially called NI HON UNAN. The status are sent to the Prefecture april 2nd and published april 25th. The Internet site is made official, and takes of successfully in 3 weeks counting more than 1000 connections.